Special Report on Well Shendi Taco 1   Setting A Record for 10000 Meters

shendi taco

PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Well Shendi Taco 1 , which drilling depth has exceeded 10000 meters, becoming the second onshore well in the world and the first vertical well in Asia with a depth exceeding 10000 meters. This marks China’s independent breakthrough in the bottleneck of drilling technology for ultra deep wells at the 10000 meter level and its deep oil and gas drilling capabilities and supporting technologies have reached the international advanced level.

The temperature at the bottom of Well Shendi Taco 1 is nearly 220 degrees Celsius and the pressure exceeds 140 megapascals. In an ultra-high temperature and high pressure environment, the drilling fluid is like being boiled for a long time in a pressure cooker, which is prone to failure and difficult to achieve functions such as carrying rock cuttings and stabilizing the wellbore wall; Deep rock pressure is high and some layers are fragmented, making it difficult to analyze and predict wellbore stability.

In ultra deep underground, drilling fluid acts like a conductor, being injected into the well under high pressure along the drill pipe, guiding the drilling bit. Drilling fluid not only cools the drill bit, avoiding blowouts, leaks and collapses, but also brings back the rock debris “bitten” by the drill bit.

The water-based drilling fluid with a resistance to ultra-high temperature of 220 degrees Celsius has been fully applied in the deep Well Shendi Taco 1  after reaching tens of thousands of meters. The biggest change in the drilling fluid system is that it has broken through the concept of ‘no sulfonation, no high temperature’ on site, reduced environmental pollution, and added fewer types of treatment agents, making maintenance simple.


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