Pipe-freeing Agents


The release agent KT is produced from raw materials such as octanol and maleic anhydride through esterification and sulfonation reactions and it is an anionic surfactant. It has strong permeability and can significantly reduce surface tension, reduce the contact angle between the releasing fluid and the drilling tool and enhance lubrication ability. It has a certain anti collapse effect, is non-toxic, does not pollute the environment and low fluorescence does not affect logging.

Product Details

Technical Specification

Item Specification
Appearance Light yellow to colorless viscous liquid
PH(1% Aqueous Solution) 5.0~7.0
Penetration / s ≤60



⑴、 KT has strong permeability and wetting properties, effectively reducing surface tension, reducing the contact angle between the releasing fluid and the drilling tool and shortening the releasing time.

⑵、 It has good emulsification performance and can be used as water in oil emulsifier.

⑶、Good compatibility with treatment agents and can be applied to various drilling and completion fluids.

⑷、Non toxic, environmentally friendly.

  • Packaging and storage:This product is packed in polyethylene plastic drums, with a net weight of 50kg or 200kg per drumand store in cool, dry and ventilated place.
  • Safety considerations: Please refer to MSDS for handling methods and hazard data.

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