Polyethylene Glycol


In drilling fluids, polyethylene glycol has strong inhibitory, blocking and lubricating effects. It is the main component of polyol drilling fluids. It has a permeability effect, improves the viscosity of drilling fluid filtrate, reduces the activity of water in the drilling fluid to reduce pressure permeability, stabilizes shale and prevents wellbore instability. Polyethylene glycol can also be used separately as an inhibitor and blocking agent.

CAS NO.25322-68-3

Product Details

Technical Specification

Model Appearance Ph Value Average Relative Molecular Weight Hydroxyl Value/mg KOH/g
PEG 200 Transparent 6.0~8.0 190~210 534~590
PEG 400 Transparent 6.0~8.0 380~420 268~294
PEG 600 Transparent 6.0~8.0 570~630 178~196
PEG 800 White Paste 6.0~8.0 760~840 133~147
PEG1000 White Waxy 6.0~8.0 950~1050 107~118


Packaging and storage:PEG200, 300, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 are packed in 200kg iron drums or 50kg plastic drums; Store in cool, dry and ventilated place.

Safety considerations: Please refer to MSDS for handling methods and hazard data.

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