Oxidized Asphalt

  • Oxidized asphalt is used as a viscosity increasing agent, filter loss reducing agent and suspension stabilizer in oil-based drilling fluids. Itis also an important component of oil-based descaling agents. In water-based drilling fluids, it also has a lubricating effect and high softening point asphalt can be used as a high-temperature and high-pressure filtrate reducer for water-based drilling fluids.
  • Comply with Q/SHCG104-2017

Product Details

Technical Specification


Test Items

Low Medium High
Softening Point ℃ 90℃≤softening point<120℃ 120℃≤softening point≤150℃ 150℃<softening point≤200℃
Appearance Black gray or black flowable powder
Drying loss % ≤10 ≤5
Purity % ≥70 ≥75 ≥80
Asphaltene Content % 15~30 30~50 50~75
Filtration loss API Filtration loss, mL ≤3
High temperature and high pressure Filtration loss,mL ≤5
Remarks: The aging temperature is consistent with the softening point of the product


⑴、Used as an oil-based mud, with oil as the dispersion medium and oxidized asphalt as the dispersion phase, a special drilling fluid is prepared to improve the viscosity and shear force of the drilling fluid and reduce filtration loss.

⑵、Used as an oil-in-water emulsion drilling fluid to prevent shale hydration and expansion, with good anti collapse and anti jamming effects.

⑶、Oxidized asphalt as a dispersed phase with high asphaltene content.

⑷、Used for drilling and coring of high-temperature exploration wells, production layers, and salt layers.

  • Packaging and storage:Packed in composite kraft paper bags, lined with film bags, with a net weight of 25kg per bag. Store in cool, dry and ventilated place.
  • Safety considerations: Please refer to MSDS for handling methods and hazard data.

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