Drill Starch

Drill start effectively controls fluid loss in a wide range of water based fluids. Drill Stack products comply with GB/T 5005-2010 and API 13A standards.

Product Details

Drill start has good thermal stability, salt and calcium resistance, and excellent filtration rate reduction performance. It is non-toxic and is an excellent filtration rate reducer for preparing environmentally friendly drilling and completion fluids.


Reduce filtration loss effectively with low dosage.

Increase viscosity slightly.

Resist salt, calcium and magnesium, so it can be applied in various drilling and completion fluids.

Resists temperature up to 245℉.

Compatible with other chemicals.

Non-toxic and does not harm the environment.

Technical Specification

Items Specifications
Appearance White or light yellow free-flowing powder
Residue (2mm), % No Residue
Viscometer reading at 600 rpm 40 g/l saltwater slurry ≤18.0
Saturated saltwater




40 g/l saltwater slurry ≤10.0
Saturated saltwater



Packaging and Storage

Packed in composite kraft paper bags lined with film bags  with a net weight of 25kg per bag. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Safety considerations

Please refer to MSDS for handling methods and hazard data.


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