Butyl Glycol


2-Butoxyethanol is mainly used as a solvent for nitrocellulose, synthetic resin, paint, enamel, grease and paint remover, pharmaceutical industry as a drug extractant, plastic industry as a resin plasticizer, Textile manufacturing as a dispersant for fiber lubricant, chemical fiber oil agent, pesticide dispersant, dry cleaning solvent, cutting oil solvent, organic synthesis intermediate, auxiliary solvent for mineral oil emulsification, analytical reagent, etc

CAS: 111-76-2

Product Details

  • Technical Specification
    Description Unit of Measure Minimum Value Maximum Value
    Appearance Clear
    Colour APHA 10
    Purity % WT 99 100
    Water % WT 0.1
    Acidity as Acetic Acid % WT 0.01

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