High-temperature Resistant Modified Asphalt

  • In drilling fluid, it has the function of sealing micro fractures in the formation, preventing the collapse of exfoliative shale, providing good lubrication and anti collapse effects as well as resisting high temperature and reducing filtration. It can be directly applied to various water-based drilling fluid systems to reduce filtration and prevent wellbore collapse.
  • Comply with Q/SH1020 2315-2015 standard.

Product Details

Technical Specification

Test Items Specification
Appearance Black or brown free flowing powder
PH 8~10
Volatile Matter % ≤15.0
Water Soluble Content% ≥40.0
Oil Soluble Content% ≥45.0
Relative Expansion Rate% ≤60.0
Reduction Rate of High-temperature and High-pressure Filtration Loss


Organic Chlorine Content% 0.0


  • ⑴、Good water dispersibility without agglomeration and floating phenomena.
  • ⑵、Good shale inhibition.
  • ⑶、It has good sealing effect and can be combined with other sealing agents to improve its sealing effect.
  • ⑷、Good thermal stability. It can be used to prepare high-temperature deep well drilling and completion fluids.
  • ⑸、Good salt and calcium resistance, suitable for various drilling and completion fluids such as fresh water, saline water, seawater, and saturated saline water.
  • Packaging and storage:Packed in composite kraft paper bags, lined with film bags, with a net weight of 25kg per bag. Store in cool, dry and ventilated place.
  • Safety considerations: Please refer to MSDS for handling methods and hazard data.

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