NTH05 Oil Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor

 1.The corrosion inhibition rate has increased by 4-6% compared to traditional oleic acid based corrosion inhibitors in a 1000ppmHCI solution.

2.Improved oil solubility, soluble in low-carbon alcohols such as methanol and alcohol and it has good compatibility with gasoline, diesel and heavy aromatics.

3.Easy to disperse in water, long-term oil-water stratification, does not cause emulsification. Easy to dissolve in acid and can be directly added to acid for use.

4.Enhanced product stability, greatly extended storage period and no layering phenomenon.

5.Low freezing point, good fluidity, less prone to freezing in winter and more convenient to use.

6.This product is non-toxic and has no irritating odor; It does not contain phosphorus, heavy metal ions or chloride ions and has no adverse effects on subsequent processes.

7.Easy to biodegrade, with no adverse effects on subsequent sewage treatment.


1.Corrosion protection during the extraction and transportation of crude oil and natural gas, such as for pipelines with high water content and CO2 as well as for oil wells.

2.Anti corrosion measures for distillation tower tops and condensation cooling systems in refining equipment such as atmospheric and vacuum distillation, catalysis, coking and hydrogenation units.

3.Anti corrosion of oilfield wastewater treatment and reinjection water system.


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