About Novaoiltech

Company Profile

Shandong Novaoil Technology Co., Ltd is headquartered in Qingdao, China.

Novaoiltech is specialized in providing high-performance chemicals for the drilling fluids industry.

Relying on the scientific research team of China University of Petroleum and national academicians, we have strong research capabilities and modern production bases.

We have years of quality performance and technology backing every product as the industry pushes the threshold of performance. And we will continue to innovate and provide superior quality products for water-based muds, oil-based muds and synthetic fluids.

High-performing products save money on overall mud costs by using fewer sacks of material. As the provider of high-quality product technology and industry experts, Novaoiltech  is a ready and able supplier.

More Products and Applications

Our drilling, cementing and production-enhancing additives and systems are designed to help service companies deliver superior fluid performance and assist operators decrease their critical finding and development costs around the world.

Our Advantages

Decades of oilfield experience

Commitment to quality and performance

Extensive product offering

Consistent dependable quality

Our Values

We operate with integrity in every aspect of our business. This defines how we interact with our customers and each other.

The drive to succeed is the foundation of our culture, a trait we all share and the reason we continue to thrive as a company. 

Environmental, Health, Safety & Security

We strive every day to conduct our business in a safe, secure, injury-free, environmentally responsible and  sustainable manner. To assure that our chemical products provide their intended benefits while protecting human health and the ecosystem.